designed by nature

Deeply rooted in the longstanding tradition of the textile manufacturing of her dutch homeland, Nanna van Blaaderen creates 100% natural fashion and home textiles. Her high quality designs, crafted almost exclusively from merino wool, are a tribute to nature and reflect its beauty in refined natural fabrics, structures and forms.


2014 - 2015

A white fox, its fur promising softness, warmth and camouflage in its snowy habitat. “invisible” is about protection and softness, integrating beauty and function in finest merino woolen 3D textiles.



2014 - 2015

Stripes of a zebra deceiving its predators, spots of a leopard confusing its prey. “visible” reflects natures ways to obscure and seduct, offering textiles of finest merino wool in natural shades.


living species

2012 - 2013

“living species” is inspired by African wildlife. This collection is Nanna’s tribute to nature and offers a natural alternative to fur, consisting of delicate knit designs in refined merino wool.



Fall/Winter 2013

Experimenting with knitting techniques, heavy yarns of merino wool and dense shapes and forms, “dense” the relation between the human body and fabrics, between protection and vulnerability.



2011 - 2012

Nanna’s affinity to nature inspired her to design “species”. This concept offers a natural alternative to fur and expresses the beauty of various animals in structures and forms using soft merino wool.


more or less

2011 - 2012

Using thick woolen yarns, Nanna experimented with knitting and braiding to create sculptural expressive garments of voluminous structures and forms. “more or less” contrasts covering and revealing.


shades of white

2014 - 2015

“shades of white”, consist of 3D textiles and offers knitted blankets, cushions and carpets of finest Merino wool. It not only allows to see but to feel patterns of zebras, leopards and giraffes.


shades of colour

2014 - 2015

“shades of colour” draws inspiration from animal life and offers a variety of knitted blankets, cushions and carpets of finest merino wool, in subtle natural shades of white, grey, brown and indigo.


design with a mission

“I always had the desire to create designs that reflect the beauty of nature as well as contribute to more respect for our environ­ment.”

Nanna van Blaaderen’s designs are as gentle to the skin as they are to the environment. Fascinated by the rich potential of knitting, Nanna van Blaaderen specialized in knit design, both in hand and industrial knitting. She blends craft, materials and innovation to develop natural textiles and fashion designs that integrate comfort, elegance, quality and functionality. After working in the international textile industry, Nanna van Blaaderen founded her own label nanna van blaaderen in 2011.

Merino wool, renowned for its fine, pure, heat regulating and soft character, is the main material Nanna van Blaaderen uses in her work. All designs are developed and produced in collaboration with the Dutch Textile Industry, characterized by its rich heritage in craftmanship, innovation and quality.


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